Customer relationship management is a way of working that helps your company build better relationship to your customers. With Lemonsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program you will give your organisation the tools for managing customer relationships and sales. You can take care of customer relationships in a more comprehensive way, respond to the customers’ needs better than before, and make sales and marketing work more efficiently.

Part of complete solution

Lemonsoft Customer Relationship Management is a seamless part of Lemonsoft Enterprise Resource Planning. You have your customers’ payment behavior and sales information available automatically. You can see offer and order books, invoicing and production status in real time. You can record events from different programs and allocate them to orders, for example.

Extensive customer and supplier information

In the customer register you can maintain the information of your prospects, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of your company. You can classify and categorize customers in numerous different ways. There are dozens of different dimensions for you to use. You can freely categorize even contact persons e.g. for marketing purposes.

customer registerImage: Maintaining customer basic information in desktop version.

Customer knowledge for the whole organization to use

When you communicate with the customer, record all relevant information as an event. You can classify and categorize events for measuring your company’s strategic targets. You can easily see the members of your staff who have been in contact with a customer and what the contact concerned. You can also attach memos and other documents to the events, so that they are easily available for everyone.

An event may generate a task for you or e.g. a salesperson. You can also collect billable time from the tasks.

SSRS_CRMTapahtumatImage: With correct classification of events you can follow-up several different issues.Customer centerImage: Customer center in LemonOnline.

Manage your offer book

With Offer calculation you can create offers and send them immediately to the customer by e-mail. The offers made will be saved in the customer information and you can always return to the offer history and different versions of your offers. Characteristics of Lemonsoft Offer calculation are collecting so called silent information (competition information) and predictability. The offers won and lost can be analyzed and they give valuable information that supports the sales.

You can transfer an approved offer as a sales order and further as an invoice.

Offer calculation also supports product structure configurations and project management.


Image: Example of metrics in the offer book.


With target groups you can handle marketing and mass informing, and you can also utilize it when arranging events or trainings. You can easily form a target group with different limitations, for information distribution, call lists and e-mail marketing. You will reach the right people with a right issue and you will make your marketing more efficient.

Emaileri is a leading domestic service for electronic marketing and newsletter communication that is used by hundreds of enterprises. Emaileri is integrated to Lemonsoft and you can use it straight from the Lemonsoft target groups.

See presentation video from eMaileri

See how the integration has been implemented

Sales pipeline

Create sales pipelines that comply with your company’s sales process for your sales team to use for follow-up. As sales opportunities proceed you can visualize graphically how prospect book is utilized, how many customer visits, offers and realized sales it generates. You can view the success and progress of individual salespersons from a hint to realized sale.


Image: From standard metrics of Customer relationship management you can see the development of the number of prospects and customers, and the success of the sales pipeline.

Group calendar

Group calendar is a great tool for a successful team and shared resources. Lemonsoft group calendar integrated with Outlook calendar makes it possible to record an event so that the information is sent both to the customer and to the calendar. You can easily view you team/department free resources and utilize this while booking shared training facilities, cars, projectors, etc .

Contract invoicing

Set up recurring invoices as contracts in the customer register. One customer can have several different contracts where you will specify items to be invoiced, invoicing period and validity.