The Lemonsoft Financial Management program turns traditional financial management into electronic format, which improves efficiency and saves resources. You can easily handle invoicing, accounting, and other financial tasks with automated functions. At the same time, you get up-to-date information to support management.

The program provides you with a wealth of features that make it easier to find, process and archive financial documents in electronic format. Transition to Lemonosoft Financial Management will free up time and resources for the company’s core operations.

Lemonsoft Financial Management program is constantly being developed with financial experts such as accountants and auditors. Their expertise ensures that the program meets the needs of the users.

Financial management is part of the Lemonsoft ERP system: you can implement it as an independent program or combine it with other parts of the ERP system that are relevant to your company. You can also completely outsource financial management services to one of our accounting partners and get all the same benefits of the program as you would by doing it yourself.

The Lemonsoft Financial Management program includes:

  • invoicing / accounts receivable, e-invoicing, pre-payment and installment invoicing, reports
  • base registers, ledger, balance sheet book, fixed asset ledger, consolidated accounting, ledger archive
  • accounts payable, purchase and travel invoice approval
  • cash, bank connection, tax return
  • automation of financial management, automated report queues.

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