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Data security has an important and growing role for Lemonsoft.

Proper management of data security significantly reduces the likelihood of threats materialising.

Our data security objectives are:

  • Data security helps ensure the continuity of Lemonsoft’s business.
  • Data security protects personal data processed in Lemonsoft’s operations.
  • Data security protects your own and your partners’ business secrets to be processed in Lemonsoft’s operations.
  • The management system ensures customer satisfaction and compliance with the requirements in terms of data security.
  • The management system ensures compliance with legal obligations.
  • The management system integrates data security as part of Lemonsoft’s operating culture.

The data security project also covers the obligations of the NIS2 Directive on cybersecurity.

In order to develop data security and respond to new threat scenarios, we have launched a data security management system construction project that complies with the ISO/IEC 27001:2023 standard. The aim of the project is to build, implement and audit a data security management system.

The construction project ends with certification, after which the management system will move to the maintenance phase until further notice. The target for the certification is March 2025, but the controls and processes of the management system will be used already during the project.

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Development project

In the development project, we go through and re-model, for example:

  • Data security policy and operating principles
  • Data classification
  • Risk management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Processing of data security incidents
  • Change management

In addition, we create a cyber threat model that we use in security planning and internal training.

Data security training

Data security training is held regularly for all Lemonsoft personnel and, in addition, tailor-made training is provided for software developers on various software vulnerabilities. The goal is also to go through and re-model the security controls that are distributed according to the standard into:

  • Organisational management tools
  • Personnel management tools
  • Physical management tools
  • Technological management tools

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