We are a Finnish software company and develop Lemonsoft enterprise software. Our headquarters are located in Vantaa, Vaasa, Turku, Tampere and Joensuu.

We exist to make the Enterprise resource planning system and related services as user-friendly as possible. We fight against poor usability. We enable growth of our customer companies’ business operations as they use our Enterprise resource planning system. We believe that with Lemonsoft, our customer companies will have better results and get the best customer experiences in the industry.

Lemonsoft Oy was founded in 2006. Today there is more than 80 of us and our turnover exceeds EUR 10 million. We have been awarded a Bisnoden AAA rating and a Kauppalehti magazine’s Successful Company -certificate. In the P-analysis we have achieved a full 10/10 grade since 2014. Economic success gives us the opportunity to continue vigorous development and we are a reliable partner for our customers. We are the fastest growing player in our own industry and we are doing it profitably.

There are more than 4.500 customers using Lemonsoft and we are engaged in more than 20.000 businesses’ everyday life.

Our customers benefit from our extensive partner networks, which enable us to provide the best solutions on the market to electronic accounting and to create your own network. You can also choose a suitable outsourcing partner for financial and human resources operations from a Lemonsoft accounting partner.

In addition to the operational guidance system and related services, we provide platform services and digital connections to your stakeholders. Your customers, subcontractors, and other vendors can also use the same system. When you and your network use a common system, all parties’ data is transferred in real time without any manual intervention.

Join us and benefit from the collaboration!