Lemonsoft Logistics program helps you to guide the material flows to the right direction. You can create an excellent foundation for managing production, logistics, purchasing and sales. At the same time you will improve customer satisfaction with timely deliveries and quick handling of customer feedback.

An unbroken chain of events and traceability are an integral part of material management and enterprise resource planning. With Lemonsoft Logistics you have the benefits of the newest technology in your use: Customers can make their orders electronically and the logistical functions are easy to integrate to the systems of your parter companies.

In addition to stock records, logistics and production, the program supports customer service. Customer satisfaction will be further improved, as Lemonsoft Logistics helps you to handle feedback, possible claims, and service requests.

Lemonsoft Logistics is continuously improved, so that it responds to customer needs as well possible. Both our customers and our own specialists have participated closely in the development work.

Logistics is a part of Lemonsoft Enterprise resource planning systems: you can implement it as an independent program or combine it with other parts of the ERP system that are needed for your company.

Lemonsoft Logistics contains:

  • stock records, serial and batch number handling, product structures, pallet handling
  • sales orders, purchase orders
  • handling non-conformities (claims), service work
  • intrastat customs services
  • rental operations
  • size assorments
  • updating supplier price lists
  • multicode processing, product configurator, EDI connections, solutions to collecting data.

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