With the Payroll and HR Management program, you can manage and develop your organisation’s human resources. By using the program you will ensure that HR management contributes to achieving the company’s objectives. The statutory obligations related to personnel and payroll are also handled correctly at once.

Regardless of the industry and the size of the company, smooth business is driven by skilled and up-to-date human resources management. Lemonsoft program brings together all personnel-related information in one place, making it easy to monitor and develop human resources.

Lemonsoft Payroll and HR management program always provides up-to-date information on, for example, the obligations of payroll defined by the legislation. In the development of the program there are human resources experts involved, such as HR professionals and payroll specialists, whose expertise is reflected in the program’s operations.

Payroll and HR management is part of the Lemonsoft ERP system. You can implement it as an independent program or combine it with other parts of the ERP system that are needed for your company. You can also outsource HR to one of our accounting partners and get the same benefits of the program as you would by doing it yourself.

Lemonsoft Payroll and HR Management includes:

  • person register, skills profiles, events, such as development discussions
  • payroll, payroll payment, reporting
  • TYVI data for public authorities
  • travel invoices, expense vouchers
  • recording working time, time stamping terminal, shift planning, managing production jobs and projects
  • handling flextime balances and holidays.

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“Efficiency and quality in operation”

“With Lemonsoft we have been able to improve the efficiency of the production and improve our customer service,” says Juha Halonen, the Marketing Director of Elkome Systems Oy.

Elkome moved to Lemonsoft ERP system a couple of years ago. The decision was made easier by the quick and effortless implementation of the system. “Now we have an ERP system that I can recommend to others,” Halonen says.

In a company that produces industrial computers, measuring and testing systems for special needs of the customers in the manufacturing industry, Lemonsoft program is there every step of the way: sales, production, warehouse management, logistics, and human resource management.

“All activities are carried out through Lemonsoft, which leaves information on the activities for follow-up purposes.” Lemonsoft supports different processes and helps us both develop and make our enterprise more efficient. The purchasing, production and delivery processes of the products have accelerated and we have been able to offer our customers better service than before, Halonen continues.