Resource management is difficult if you don’t know what resources are available, are they reserved for something, and for how long. Lemonsoft Resource Management gives you all this information and allocates the resource cost to the right targets, e.g. to projects. At the same time maintenance becomes easier when maintenance tasks can be recorded as the resources are handled.

Resource register

Different kinds of resources are created in the resource register, and they are reserved for use. This kind of resources may be e.g. devices and tools, conference rooms, cars, etc.

The resouces created are attached to an item and this way they can be included in the stock control. One item can be used with several resources, that can be freely named as resources and they can have a unique identifier, e.g. serial number.

To a resource you can set a cost that affects especially the project-related cost of the resource usage, and through item pricing and price lists you can affect the resource invoicing price.

The resource utilisation rate can be visualised graphically in the same view. You can select one resource or all resources to view.

Resource calendar

In the resource calendar resources are reserved for use. Reservations can be tentative, which makes it easier to plan the resource usage. In the calendar view the reservation status can be viewed, and reservations can be modified and removed. When a reservation is allocated to a project, the resource cost shows as a cost in the project, and as it is taken into use in the project, the cost starts accumulating as actual cost in the project.

With a browser based application, taking the resource into use and returning it is flexible, and can be recorded on site where the resource is meant to be used, or the person can record the returning with a mobile device as he/she is returning the resource to the warehouse. In the calendar you can see visualised with colours whether the resource is reserved tentatively, taken into use or returned.

Returning and maintaining resources

When the resource is returned, a quick service can be recorded and the performed procedure can be recorded. If you have Lemonsoft Service Orders application in use, you can allocate a service order for the resource, e.g. when it is necessary to perform more extensive maintenance for a device. In both cases the device service history will contain a record of the service activities that have been performed.

Resourcing work

Work resourcing is an application for human resource management and work supervision. With the application you can manage CRM, service, order, and project work with one view. The capacities of the persons are visible with one look and you can limit the view by persons’ roles and teams.

A person’s capacity information takes into account the capacity according to shift planning, and absences marked to the shift plan and HR calendar.

Adding a work task is easy by dragging a task to a free spot in the calendar, or by clicking open a window for scheduling.

The work to be resourced can be filtered by work type, which makes it significantly easier to manage the work of different teams and departments. Data can also be filtered by date intervals.

Reallocating resources is done in the same view and you can also view the work task, in case e.g. planned duration of a project task needs to be modified.

Own work

Tasks allocated to person can be viewed in the Own tasks view, where a person can start, interrupt, and end tasks. In case a task is allocated to a team, it is visible to all members of the team.

When a task is marked ready, it is possible to add descriptions to it, mark all working hours billable or partially billable, and record materials that have been used performing the task. Also the materials can be marked billable. In case the work is allocated to a project, materials will be recorded to project as project costs.