With Lemonsoft Project management program you take firm control of your projects. You can ensure better than before that your projects stay within the set frames as regards quality, schedules, as well as budget. You will notice discrepancies quicker than before, you can react to them in time, and this way you will guarantee a successful end result.

Lemonsoft project management, integrated with different programs, collects automatically the necessary information from functions within the system, without having to move or copy information from one place to another. You can ensure the progress of the project by following the project phases, costs and partial result in real time. The electronic system supports general, moving work in projects.

With the project management program you will get solutions developed by production, consultant, and construction work specialists, which you can use to refine and develop your company’s project competence.

Project management is a part of Lemonsoft Enterprise Resource Planning system: you can implement it as an independent program or combine it with other parts of the ERP system. Because project management is firmly related to other areas of business management, to maximize the benefit, it is profitable to implement also other parts of the ERP system that are necessary for your business.

Lemonsoft Project management program contains:

  • project planning and budgeting, basic information of the projects
  • project phases, project center, project calendar, allocating events to projects
  • collecting working time, project hours and billing, project calculations.

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